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PHYTO-ZOL is the most powerful hemp derived CBD anti-inflammatory serum that combines micro-encapsulated CBD in a proprietary Locally Enhanced Transdermal Serum (L.E.T.S) scientifically proven to penetrate through skin to areas of discomfort.

A counter irritant is something such as heat or an ointment (menthol or camphor) that is used to produce surface irritation of the skin, thereby counteracting underlying pain or discomfort.

A topical anti-inflammatory is non-steroidal cream or ointment applied to unbroken skin over or near the painful area. Topical anti-inflammatories penetrate the skin, enter tissues or joints, and reduce processes causing pain in the tissue.

While a prescription is not required to purchase PHYTO-ZOL, you must be a Health Care Professional to purchase on our website.

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